Trinity Cottage School

"Do not seek to understand in order that you may believe, but rather, believe in order that you may understand." St. Augustine of Hippo

Trinity's cottage school program is an academic supplement program for homeschooling families. We offer 3 programs on Wednesday mornings.

Welcome Wednesday is a drop in program for supervised preschool and elementary students. Activities vary from week to week and according to the weather, and include some arts and crafts projects, game times, and service projects for Eden Villa retirement home. There is no registration nor tuition required for Welcome Wednesday For details, contact Becky Grainger -

The Junior class (Grades 7 & 8) is a 2 year program designed to help the middle grades make the shift from the grammar to the logic stage in learning. The students learn the elements of literature and writing while reading primary sources from the major periods in history.

In 2022/23, the Junior class will be reading ancient and medieval work. Miss Victoria Marentette is the Junior class teacher. Tuition is $120/student.

The High School class (grades 9 - 12) is a four year cycle, teaching Christian Worldview and Apologetics through historical literature. The students will read and explore major philosophical and religious literature through history, and learn to engage an argument in good faith. The High School program has a 1 or 2 credit track to fit the differing needs of the homeschooling families.

In 2022/23, the High School class will be reading work from the post apostolic fathers through the beginning of the reformation. Mrs. Coralie Cowan is the High School teacher and the Cottage School coordinator. Tuition is $120/student.

We are meeting at St. Paul's Congregational Church, 450 Park Avenue, Chatham Wednesday mornings 9:15 - 10:45 AM

2022 Fall Semester begins Wednesday, September 7.

Fall semester will run every Wednesday between September 7 and December 14.

2023 Winter semester begins Wednesday, January 18.

Winter semester will run every Wednesday between January 18 and May 3, except a March break on March 15.

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We would encourage students graduating Grade 12 to consider Gillespie Academy.