Small Beginnings

Trinity ARP Church began in 2000 as a small group of Christians eager to start a church that was biblical in its teaching, concerned for each other, and caring for the community. Since then the Lord has blessed us. We are growing and have a vibrant ministry in Chatham.

Trinity ARP began like a lot of things, seeing a need and trying to fulfill it. It started as an idea, discussed with a number of different people, and soon changed to hope. After more meetings, discussions, and much prayer, it turned into a plan. The plan grew into action, received a name and a church was started.

In response to God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ, Trinity is committed to worshipping God in the way that glorifies Him and strengthens people.

That’s why...

  • The reading and preaching of God’s Word is the main focus of our worship services.

  • Prayer is an important part of our worship.

  • We praise God together in congregational singing using the Psalms and Christian hymns.

  • We enjoy practicing the two sacraments Jesus gave to His church: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

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