Senior Cottage School

Senior Cottage School (grades 9-12) is a four year cycle, teaching Christian Worldview and Apologetics through historical literature. The students will read and explore major philosophical and religious literature through history, and learn to engage an argument in good faith through written and oral argumentation.

In 2023/24, the High School class will be studying the Enlightenment philosophers and their impact on literature, poetry, and history.

Mrs. Coralie Cowan is the High School teacher and the Cottage School coordinator. Tuition is $150/student.

We would encourage students graduating Grade 12 to consider Gillespie Academy.

We take any interested Grade 11 and 12 students to a Gillespie Academy campus visit every January. Our next campus visit is January 9, 2024. Email Mrs. Cowan for more details if you are interested in attending.